Protecting Children from Porn

What we value most reveals the depth of our soul. I believe that one of the most beautiful things on the planet and in the universe is innocence. My wife and I raised four children and currently are proud Grandparents to four beautiful, innocent, little angels. 

Anyone who has raised children knows the gut wrenching reality that some innocence must be lost to survive this world. Watching your children learn that selfish people will lie to you to benefit themselves is more than difficult. I have wept watching my little ones learn tough lessons that diminished how open they let their hearts be. The ugly truth is that in this world there are hurts to be had if you don’t protect yourself. We as adults have a sacred responsibility to protect them while they learn to protect themselves.

I don’t know anyone who believes that children should watch porn. I don’t know anyone who says that children watching porn isn’t harmful. Therefore, it seems to be common ground that we can stand on when we say children should be protected from porn. 

A friend passed along some resources you may find helpful. I have subscribed to their platform and passed information along to my Grandchildren’s parents. I will do everything that I can to protect my little one’s and want to help you do the same!

Defend Young Minds states their vision as:

“We envision a world where caring adults empower young children with the information, skills and mindsets they need to defend themselves against pornography and reject all forms of sexual exploitation. In this way kids can grow up unburdened by addiction and objectification to enjoy healthy relationships and successful lives.”

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